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सुप्रसिद्ध लोककलावंत दादा पारधी यांचे दुखःद निधन : झाडीपट्टीत शोककळा dada paradhi zadpatti natyakalavant

चंद्रपूर (प्रतिनिधी) - झाडीपट्टीतील सुप्रसिद्ध लोककलावंत , ज्येष्ठ समाजसेवी दादा अंताराम पारधी यांचे काल रात्री ११ वाजता वृद्धापकाळाने...


शनिवार, डिसेंबर ०३, २०२२

Death of 4 tiger cubs in Sheoni Buffer range Tadoba Chandrapur

*Preliminary report on death of tiger cubs in Sheoni Buffer range of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur.*

On 1.12.2022 four tiger cubs aged between 3-4 months were sighted in compartment no 265. The location is 3 km (areal distance) from gat no 185 where a decomposed by of tigress (T 75) was found on 30.11.2022. A search team of RFO Sheoni and staff along with PRT members were monitoring the cubs ever since. On 2.12.2022, a male tiger was located in the same vicinity. 

During further search on 3.12.2022 the search team found dead bodies of all the four tiger cubs (2 male and 2 female) along with the presence of the male tiger. All four bodies are found with bite injuries and are apparently killed by the male tiger.

 There is presence of 2 males and an other female in the same area due to which identity of the mother is not confirmed. All the cubs are being taken to TTC chandrapur for PM examination. Tissue samples of all the cubs and the dead tigress will be analysed by DNA identification methods and identity of mother and cubs will be confirmed.

 Further intensive monitoring in the area for presence and movement of anther tigers will be continued by placing camera traps and by deploying field personnel.



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