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Nagpur dt 09-09-22


The Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur is hosting a National Seminar on Human Rights on the 8th and 9th of September, 2022 under the aegis of the National Human Rights Commission. The NHRC is a statutory organization that embodies India’s concern for the promotion and protection of human rights.   The seminar, centered around the topic “Manav Adhikaron ki Amrit Uplabhdiyan”, will include three academic sessions with key addresses from note-worthy personalities, such as Shri. Rajiv Jain, the former Director of IB and Shri. Sanjay Kumar, the Under Secretary of National Human Rights Commission. Students shall also play an active role in the seminar. The conference aims to examine the relationship between Literature Society and Human Rights in a session presided by Shri. K Shrinivas Rao, the Secretary of Sahitya Academy. The second session centers around Media’s Role in Promotion of Human Rights, this session includes lectures from prominent journalists such as Shri. Sudhanshu Ranjan. The third session will be on the Commitment of Police towards the Protection of Human Rights which will include addresses from Joel JOseph Denga and Shri. VIkas Mishra IPS.  The seminar shall also include an inauguration ceremony with many esteemed speakers. A concluding session shall also be a part of the event.