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२००९ पासून वाचकांच्या सेवेत

३१ जुलै २०२२

Large Refinery Petrochemical Complex near Umred or Butibori





*Large Refinery Petrochemical Complex near Umred or Butibori*
LOGIC -- A)All four directions of country having Refineries but Central India Since decades kept dry.

B)Delhi not on coast but having 3 Refineries nearby so logic that Refineries need coast not true .

C)Nagpur and 400km radius having bulk consumption of Petroleum Products.15MMTPA demand assured growing steadily.

D)Cooking Gas LPG reaching from ports to bottling plants at Butibori by trucks. Huge recurring costs may be zero with RPC near Nagpur. India second largest LPG importing country.LPG is refinery product.

E)Mumbai Nagpur Expressway almost ready for Crude Pipelines. Present Rail Road cost from Refinery to Petrolpump everage Rs6/-litre will come down to Rs1.50

F)Best National Highways network will be used to distribute liquid Fuel by pipelines.Faster,Cheaper delivery with lowest inventory levels at RPC.

G)10 Airports here to connect with ATF pipelines. Best,Secured,lowest cost will help Aviation Sector. Most of large Metro City Airports connected by ATF pipelines from Refinery.

H)First Refinery in country near coal.With Coal nearby power cost to refinery will come down substantially. Same way with Coal&Refinery combination many new generation Fuels like Ethanol,Methanol, DME to further cut imports bills.

I)Only location in country where such bulk consumers nearby to RPC. 30Cement plants,13Steel Plants,500MMTPA mining of different minerals.

J)Nagpur Central Location Zero mile of the country.Whole Cross Country traffic passing through Nagpur. With Rs1-1.50Litre cheap diesel petrol maximum filling from Nagpur. Huge boost to VAT income of Maharashtra.

K)Single largest Petrochemicals Consuming plant IndoRama here making Polyester. 10Lac MT PTA MEG used .Cotton&Local Polyester with RPC support vidarbha will be able to convert entire Cotton into Textiles. Huge potential. Boost for farm income.

L)RPC highly power consuming industry.local Coal can help to cut costs.Coastal Refineries using Gas or Imported Coal for power generation.To minimise pollution FGD installation from day one.

M)Water also key input for RPC available from different dams where industrial power still unutilised. Huge value unlocking for state as earning by water will start immediately.

N)Coastal area Refineries using SeaWater making sweet water by desalination process again highly power consuming.Here sweet water availability through DAMs,NMC,Own reservoirs give lots of comfort.

O)Many value added products made by different types of inputs coming from RPC.These types of inputs support huge Ancillaries nearby again cutting costs with opening up many opportunities.

P)Nagpur only Location for RPC where best infrastructure readily available for such large projects. No capital costs needed to invest in infrastructure. Will help faster implementation. Again costs savings.

Q)With 60MMTPA RPC 10 lac direct indirect jobs possible in the region for what region suffering since decades. Must be brought ASAP.




LOGIC -- S)This Large RPC will help huge value unlocking for state like MSRDC the owner of Mumbai Nagpur Expressway will earn huge money by ROW charges for CrudePipelines and manifold increased Toll collection due to increased industrial production.

T)Electricity Rates may come down due to less T&D charges because maximum power generated here will be consumed here itself.No long distance transmission. GreenEnergy projects in WesternMaharashtra also help us to cut prices. Vidarbha Resources For Vidarbha. HUGE savings.

U)With Large RPC huge construction activities will ensure maximum FlyAsh consumption nearby.Helping to cut pollution&costs.Sameway other building materials will attract thousands of Crs Royalties to state Govt.Huge money fr Rural Vibrant economy.

V)Agriculture alone can't take load of such large vidarbha population. Large number of workers must shift to industry. Better salaries with EPF,ESIC,Insurance like social benefits.Families with fixed income always strong what we don't have today.

W)Vidarbha Consumption of many Refineries related products coming by imports.With port formalities,storage,handling approx 100$PMT cost can be saved towards Bitumen,Sulphur,Polymers,Fertilisers and many.With RPC in VIDARBHA zero imports of Vidarbha requirements. Huge savings of Forex.

X)MIHAN, BUTIBORI AND OTHER MIDC AREAS IN VIDARBHA having land bank of around 6-7000Acres.Complete value unlocking for state where thousands of Cr land get sold to top corporate investors willing to invest near RPC.Domestic in MIDC and Export potential in MIHAN.

Y)LIT,IIM,IIIT,VNIT,RKNEC like top colleges ensure flow of talent to such big complex where each and every Engineering stream students will get opportunities for training as well as jobs. Also huge potential for new generation Entrepreneurs.

Z)Such large projects directly indirectly helps many sectors like Hotels,Restaurants,Tours&Travels,RealEstate,Banking&Finance and many more.Many large NPA will get resolved and Sick Closed units can restart. Huge unlocking of dead capital.

ABSTRACT Such projects comes through strong political will only but convincing power to decision makers and investors play important role. So far Vidarbha leaders not able to attract investments but Best Possible TaskForce must be created nothing impossible.



LOGIC - MIHAN with its lots of Strengths lying underutilized,unsold since last two decades.Best location,infrastructure,connectivity must be utilised to its best possible extent.TATAGROUP most suitable as

A)AVIATION TATAGROUP Presently having 3 Airlines AirIndia,Vistara, AirAsia running where they need different types of latest technology services like MROs,Training Centers,Spareparts Warehousing,BackOffice work etc MIHAN most suitable for this.

B)TATAs with these Airlines may be larget AirCrafts owning group may attract Boeing&AirBus both companies to have base in MIHAN.Gradually they can develop Vendors locally.Great opportunity for new generation Entrepreneurs.

C)TCS the world's leading software company belongs to TATAs having one center at MIHAN already.They have big plans for growth.TATAs can expand their TCS operations manifold here opening opportunities for thousands of fresh graduate engineers. 

D)DATA CENTERS As Data Protection Bill is coming in force Demand for Data Centers growing.With Own Super App and lots of business back up needs TATAs can invest in MIHAN.Again opportunities for Nagpur Youth.

E)CONTAINERS manufacturing at MIHAN for TATASTEEL best business where entire RawMaterials made by TATA Steel only.Huge Demand as well as Shortages going on.These containers can be given to Shipping lines as sale or lease after certification by Internationally Approved Agency. 

F)TATAs entered into Retail Business after acquiring BigBasket can built best Warehousing,Logistics and Distribution network here in MIHAN where according to requirements many local Vendors can get registered. Huge Opportunity 

G)With MIHAN like location and TATA Group agressive plans a large 5 Star Hotel with best amenities must. With strong TAJ Brand TATAs in Hotel Business. Again best Synergies there. 

H)TANISHQ Tatas Jwellery Brand very famous can start its large manufacturing unit in MIHAN where SEZ benefits can establish best visibility. Training can make the manpower perfect. 

I)Many such opportunities there for other TATA group companies by supporting each other, We must ensure 100%Occupancy for MIHAN by all out efforts. TATAS the Mumbai based Business Conglomerate will always be helpful if Nitin Gadkari and Devendra Fadnavis Sir invite them with workable proposals. 




LOGIC- A)With Large RPC in VIDARBHA and Complete Acquisition of MIHAN may help all sectors to grow rapidly with huge inflow by salaries&services in local economy.This will boost buying power through more disposable income in all income groups. 

B)Many State Govt depts like MIDC,VIDC,MSRDC,Collectorates of nearby districts will become more profitable may run without budgetary support from State Govt.State govt must try all out for both the projects whole heartedly to ensure maximum youth engagement.

C)More Projects,MSMEs,RealEstate,Hotels,Tours&Travel,Training Centers,Services,Outsourcing of businesses will attract many top industry houses from all over the world to Nagpur. Again Big Opportunity for Nagpur Youth and existing businesses. 

D)We all know Govt jobs for masses not possible as we have to ensure Lakhs of skilled and Unskilled workers get absorbed in above projects. Socially and Politically these efforts can help to fulfill 3 decades jobs and financial backlogs.Finally justice to VIDARBHAS innocent people.

Strong political will must for such types of initiatives. This time we hope Devendra Fadnavis Sir and Nitin Gadkari Sir do their best to attract these projects. 

Pradeep Maheshwari 
Strategist Natural Resources Nagpur

Pradeep Maheshwari

आझादी का अमृत महोत्सव
विदर्भाची जिल्हानिहाय क्षमता

१) नागपूर - भाग १

उमरेड किंवा बुटीबोरीजवळ मोठे रिफायनरी पेट्रोकेमिकल प्रकल्प

कारण - अ) देशाच्या चारही दिशांना रिफायनरी आहेत पण मध्य भारताला अनेक दशकांपासून कोरडेच ठेवले आहे.

 ब) दिल्ली समुद्र किनार्‍यावर नाही पण आसपास ३ रिफायनरी आहेत म्हणून रिफायनरीसाठी समुद्रकाठ 
                 असणे आवश्यक आहे हा तर्क खरा नाही. 

 क) नागपूर व ४०० किमी.च्या त्रिज्येत मोठ्या प्रमाणावर पेट्रोकेमिकल उत्पादनांचा वापर आहे. १५ 
                 एमएमटीपीएची खात्रीची मागणी हळूहळून वाढते आहे.

 ड) स्वयंपाकाचा गॅस एलपीजी तळांवरून बुटीबोरीमधील बॉटलिंग प्रकल्पात ट्रकने पोहचतो. नागपूरजवळ 
                 आरपीसी आले तर मोठ्या प्रमाणावर होणारा आवर्ती खर्च शून्यावर येईल.
 इ) मुंबई-नागपूर एक्सप्रेस वे क्रुड पाइपलाईन्ससाठी जवळपास तयार आहे. सध्याचा रिफायनरी ते 
                 पेट्रोलपंप हा रेल्वे व रस्ते वाहतुक खर्च सरासरी रु.६/लिटर आहे तो कमी होऊन १.५० रुपयांपर्यंत 

 फ) उत्तम राष्ट्रीय महामार्गांचे जाळे द्रव इंधन पाइपलाईन्सने वितरित करण्यासाठी वापरले जाईल. 
                 आरपीसीला सगळ्यात कमी इन्व्हेंटरी पातळीसह जलद आणि किफायतशीर वितरण.

 ग) एटीएफ पाइपलाईन्ससोबत जोडण्यासाठी इथे १० विमानतळं आहेत. उत्तम, सुरक्षित, किमान खर्च 
                 यामुळे विमानचालन क्षेत्राला मदत होईल. बहुतांश महानगरांतील विमानतळ रिफायनरीपासून एटीएफ 
                 पाइपलाइन्सनी जोडलेली आहेत.

 ह) देशातील पहिली रिफायनरी कोळसा खाणीजवळ. रिफायनरीजवळ कोळसा असेल तर वीजेचा खर्च 
                 मोठ्या प्रमाणावर कमी होईल. अशाच कोळसा आणि रिफायनरी संयोजनाप्रमाणे, इथॅनॉल, मिथॅनॉल, 
                 डीएमई यासारखी नवीन पिढीतील अनेक इंधनांमुळे आयातीवरील खर्च आणखी कमी होईल.

 ई) आरपीसीजवळ मोठ्या प्रमाणाव्र ग्राहक असणारे देशातील एकमेव स्थळ. ३० सिमेंट प्रकल्प, १३ स्टील 
                 प्रकल्प, विविध खनिजांचे ५०० एमएमटीपीए खाणकाम.

 ज) नागपूर हे मध्यवर्ती ठिकाण आहे, देशातील झिरो माईल बिंदू. संपूर्ण देशातील वाहतुक नागपूरमधून 
                 मार्गस्थ होते. रु. १-१.५० लिटरने डिझेल, पेट्रोल स्वस्त झाल्यास कमाल भरणा नागपूरमधून होईल. 
                 महाराष्ट्राच्या व्हॅट उत्पन्नाला मोठी चालना मिळेल. 

 क) पेट्रोकेमिकल्सचा वापर करणारा एकमेव मोठा प्रकल्प इंडोरामा इथे पॉलियेस्टरची निर्मिती करतो. १० 
                 लाख एमटीपीटीए एमईजीचा वापर होतो. आरपीसीच्या पाठिंब्यासह कापूस आणि स्थानिक पॉलियेस्टर 
                 वापरून विदर्भ संपूर्ण कापसाचे कापडात रुपांतर करू शकतो. प्रचंड क्षमता. शेतीच्या उत्पन्नाला 

 ल) आरपीसी मोठ्या प्रमाणावर वीजेचा वापर करणारा उद्योग आहे. कोळसा खर्च कमी करणयस मदतीचा 
                 ठरू शकतो. समुद्रकिनार्‍यावरील रिफायनरी विद्युत निर्मितीसाठी गॅस किंवा आयात केलेला कोळसा 
                 वापरतात. प्रदूषण कमी करण्यासाठी पहिल्या दिवसापासून एफजीडी बसवता येईल.
 म) आरपीसीसाठी मुख्य इनपुट असलेले पाणीदेखील विविध धरणांमधून उपलब्ध आहे जेथे औद्योगिक 
                 वीज अद्याप वापरात नाही. पाण्याद्वारे कमाई म्हणून राज्यासाठी प्रचंड मूल्य उपलब्ध होणे त्वरित 
                 सुरू होईल.

 न) समुद्राच्या पाण्याचा वापर करणार्‍या किनारी भागातील रिफायनरीज डिसेलिनेशन (पाण्यातून क्षार 
                 काढणे) प्रक्रियेद्वारे गोड पाणी तयार करतात ज्याला पुन्हा जास्त वीज लागते. येथे धरण, एनएमसी, 
                 स्वतःच्या जलाशयांद्वारे गोड पाण्याची उपलब्धता भरपूर सोयीची होते. 

 ओ) आरपीसीमधून येणार्‍या विविध प्रकारच्या इनपुट्सद्वारे बनवलेली अनेक मूल्यवर्धित उत्पादने. या                  
                  प्रकारच्या इनपुट्समुळे जवळपासच्या मोठ्या अनुषंगिक एककांना (अँसिलरी मदत होते आणि अनेक 
                  संधी उपलब्ध होऊन पुन्हा खर्च कमी होतो.

 प) आरपीसीसाठी फक्त नागपूर हे ठिकाण जेथे अशा मोठ्या प्रकल्पांसाठी सर्वोत्तम पायाभूत सुविधा सहज 
                 उपलब्ध आहेत. पायाभूत सुविधांमध्ये गुंतवणूक करण्यासाठी भांडवली खर्चाची गरज नाही. जलद 
                 अंमलबजावणी होण्यास मदत होईल. पुन्हा खर्चावर बचत.

 र) ६० एमएमटीपीए आरपीसीमुळे अनेक दशकांपासून ज्यासाठी हा प्रदेश त्रस्त होता त्या १० लाख प्रत्यक्ष 
                 अप्रत्यक्ष नोकऱ्या या प्रदेशात शक्य आहेत. ते लवकरात लवकर आणले पाहिजे.

 ल) अंतिम गोषवारा
                 लॉजिस्टिक्सवर निव्वळ बचत ३०००० कोटी. भांडवली खर्च, अंमलबजावणीसाठी लागणारा कमी वेळ 
                 आणि अनेक वस्तूंची आयात लक्षणीय प्रमाणात कमी होईल. 

  प्रदीप महेश्वरी
तज्ज्ञ, नैसर्गिक संसाधने