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Hats off to YJA Convention Committee of 2022

 Hats off to YJA Convention Committee of 2022

Just a few weeks before the Jaina YJA convention 2022, the convention committee announced that for the entire YJA convention 2022 they would be serving completely Jain “Vegan” food. 

This was the happiest moment of my life as the Jaina Education Committee Chairperson. 

For more than 20 years, the Education Committee have dedicated all their education material to YJA, YJP, Pathashala teachers, and all the Jain people who practiced their lifestyle as Vegan.  We have changed all our Pathshala past material to confirm to Vegan Lifestyle.  And this was the first major step of our 20 years effort from our youth in promoting Veganism to its fullest potential

When I informed Smt. Pramodaben Chitrabhanuji, she was also most joyful.  She immediately expressed that this is the greatest tribute we can offer to Gurudev Chitrabhanuji on his 100-birth anniversary (He was born on July 26, 1922).

This was the only dream of Gurudev Chitrabhanuji and this YJA convention fulfilled it.  For the past 20+ years of his life, Gurudev Chitrabhanuji dedicated his mission to promote Veganism in America and India.

She immediately indicated that she would contribute $10,000 to this YJA convention of 2022 at Dallas TX.

There are also more donors such as Manubhai Shah and Jashvantbhai Mody of Los Angeles supported YJA approach of Vegan convention.

Satvic Movement Video

Satvic Movement is a non-profit health education platform, formed with an aim to bring man close to Mother Nature. The following video link provides holistic knowledge about health.

Please watch the following YouTube video of Shubah Jain on Satvic Food (duration 21 min) to become disease free.

Just follow Four Simple rules of Natural (Prakrutik) Diet to become disease free.



My Testimony about Satvic Food and Diet

I am Pravin K Shah, chairperson of the Jaina Education Committee for past more than 20 years.  Now I am 81 years old and have been following this type of diet defined by Shubah Jain for more than the past 25 years. I became Vegan in 1995 and eliminated junk (deep fried) food and soft drinks from my diet at the age of 55 years.

I do not have Blood pressure problem, nor Diabetes, and no cholesterol problem.  My HDL improved from 32 to 60.  My triglycerides dropped from 400 to 160, my LDL improved from 120 to 70. My total Cholesterol dropped from 205 to 160. I do not take any prescription medication (except Thyroid medicine).

I also walk 2 to 3 Kilometers daily and live a very productive life at this age.

My committee is responsible for preparing Jaina Pathshala curriculum, preparing all Pathashala books, publishing, and distributing these books across North American to more than 4,500 students and teachers

I am in-charge of Jain eLibrary website which consists of almost 5 million pages of Jain literature.  It has 76000 registered users who download 300 to 400 files of literature daily.  I conduct Jain workshops for adults and YJA and YJP youths.

My committee is responsible for Jain blog activities which answers contemporary difficult questions of Jainism.  My committee also involves many other Jain activities such as English Pratikraman, Jain QQ website, and searchable Jain Agam database, and WhatsApp group of Pathashala teachers.  We also support JAB committee to update and publish and distribution of JAB manual.  All these works, we are able to accomplish because of my good health at this age.