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Return to village in lockdown Youth Built Learning Center

Village In Saoli Tehsil Meha buj's Youth Ideal Activity of.....

    The youth of the elderly in the village of Saoli Tehsil said the youth of Competitors over the years preparing for Exams..
There has been tremendous increase in the number of students in the village.But had to go to big cities for education.
     However this time the youth had to return to the village due to the lockdown at that time study was Concern. Like minded youth come forward and bring forth the Idea of Learning center.
   Young people worked hard. Some people Donated Money and they set up a study center with the help of Gram Panchayat.

 Now that Schools collages are closed due to lockdown,so following all the rules of Corona all are studying to maintain social distance.

        A Small village in the Saoli Tehsil dist.Chandrapur up to seventh grade in village Z.P. School is there.but for further education a students goes to far villages. However there is no higher education.
That is why many youth of village go to Chandrapur to study in big cities.
Some are preparing Comparative exams.however there is no Library or study center in a village.

    The students went out of the village they come back to village.the jobbers also returned to village. Students were worried about their studies.

 It was not possible to meet and discuss each others at the time of lockdown,that's why what's app group was created for discussion.

One day the idea of study center come up but how to achieve this was the question in front of everyone.
 With provision of study center that will help the poor and needy students in village who do not have facilities.

  Youth appealed to Gram Panchayat so that the children of village have comparative exams and get an opportunity to prepare for jobs.

They had the support about 300 peoples .the study center permission to set up in close place of Gram Panchayat as well as Cooperation of Panchayat Samiti and their guidance. But there were also legal issues.Despite consent the question of Completing financial matters also come up.
Youth started collecting money.

 The news of something new was spreading though friends .the Commendable initiative looking at the future many people raised their hands to help.
Cement,sand and other materials were also purchased as well as workers were needed to build the study center.
Then the village students come forward to work and Donated labor.

   In this way the Youth of the village built the study center .
Now students Sit Comfortably and study.
Students here still need  books and some financial aid.

 To change the Education face of the village the venture set up is Commendable and Shows the strength of UNITY.

 There will also be an E- Library in the future .and Specialist Counceling provision  for preparation of Examination.