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2,000 Workmen Screened, Doctors’ Deployed at Worksites

Maha Metro MD Dr Dixit Visits Work-Sites, Takes Stock of Measures

NAGPUR, 18th March:Right since outbreak of Corona Virus, Maha Metro has initiated a series of steps to ensure safety of passengers as much as its employees. While Metro Stations and Trains have been fumigated with disinfectant, more than 2,000 face masks have been distributed to staff and workmen in last few days. Awareness sessions are being conducted and staff and workmen are being covered under this exercise.

Though following highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation at all its establishments has been Maha Metro’s guiding spirit since inception, several and multi-levelled efforts have now been initiated after outbreak of the disease. Soon after the outbreak was reported and the disease started spreading, Dr Brijesh Dixit, MD, Maha Metro, convened a high-level meeting of officials to decide measures to be taken.

Dr Dixit issued a series of directions to ensure that adequate security cover is provided to not just the Metro train commuters, but also to workmen operating at various sites. In fact, Dr Dixit visited Maha Metro worksites to take stock of the situation and inspect the steps being taken at those places.

*Doctors’ Team Deputed:* As part of directives issued, a team of 12 doctors has been deployed at various at work sites and labour camps of Maha Metro. Doctors have also been roped in for conducting awareness to staff and workmen. Other than doctors, para-medial staff has also been deployed at these locations. Ambulance service is also made available in case of any emergency.

*Thermal Screening of 2,000 Workmen:* More than 2000 staff and workmen have been randomly screened using Infrared Thermometer. The remaining would be screened soon. Their record is being properly maintained for future reference. Infrared Thermometer is being used to check temperature for any possible symptoms of the disease. The Infrared Thermometers are being used at various work sites.

As part of these guidelines, various steps to be taken to prevent spread of this disease have been listed. The work sites and labour camps are being regularly fumigated. This and other activities being conducted at offices, work sites, labour camps are part of the guidelines issued by senior officials. All worksites and offices have been disinfected and provided with sanitizers. Basic issues related to hygiene have also been taken care of.
*New Workmen Under Surveillance:* The various steps to be taken (Dos and Don’ts) related to the disease have been conveyed to all. All new staff or workmen reporting to projects are being medically screened especially for corona virus symptoms and kept under surveillance for 14 days. Their travel history is checked for possible links to disease. This apart, as part of efforts to provide adequate safety cover to commuters, all the Metro Stations and trains have been fumigated and sprayed with necessary insecticide.

*Maha Metro Advisory:* Maha Metro has also issued series of precautionary steps in view of Corona Virus threat. Hygiene level at office premises to be enhanced in each chamber, particularly at touch points continuously. Officers, contractors, who were on leave have been asked to give their travel history for a month. A Centre Centre, with Project Director, General Consultant has been set up to monitor day-to-day developments. Metro Samwaad and other related activities have been restricted till 31st March 2020.

Simultaneously, measures for creating awareness have been taken by displaying boards to that effect on TV Screens and announcements at Metro Stations. The directives issued by MoHUA and Ministry of Health, Union Government have been displayed on social media. The Dos and Don’ts are been displayed at important locations. Maha Metro, thus, has started series of measures to prevent spread of this disease not just among its employees but also daily commuters.